Amethyst (smonda) wrote in louisvilleart,

[Catchy Title]

Hello everyone! I have been directed to this community by the lovely and talented jumitheklutz. I am 24yrs old (10/25/1984), go to UofL for art and will hopefully gain that degree next Fall, with luck. I mostly do a lot of doodles that I don't deem good enough to post but when I do flesh something out I post it on my Deviantart account. I love humor and I'm trying to look at the lighter side of things which often leads me to combine the macabre with the kitsch. Hmm, I really don't have much else to say here.... Any oter information that I could post can be found on my info page (I think.. the new lay out is kind of screwy).

I'm usually on AIM and am always open to talk :3
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